Halo: Reach

2011-03-14 17:57:10 by SimonRCowell

If anyone has some kick-ass infection maps for "Halo:Reach" would you send them to me?
My Xbox Live Gamertag is: XXL GrizzlyBear
Actually, you'll have to invite me to a custom game so I can save it myself, since I don't have a Hard drive, I can't access my Fileshare..
Thanks all who can help out!
Just send me a message on Xbox telling me you're from Newgrounds so I know!


2011-02-23 12:23:06 by SimonRCowell

Hey everyone just a quick update here... If you have Xbox Live and wanna play sometime, add me with a message of you're NG username. My GT is: XXL GrizzlyBear

Thanks all! :)

Oh and one more thing, if you have Runescape, then add me also!
My username is: Punane

Ha thanks all! :D


2011-02-18 14:22:14 by SimonRCowell

If anyone wants me to upload any audio for voice casting into the Audio Portal, please just let me know. I usually check my account every hour or so, since I have no life. :P
Anyways, thanks for anyone who considers! :)



2011-01-30 18:29:30 by SimonRCowell

Hey all, I'm looking for some work, voice casting. If anyone needs someone to play a role in their video, then try me out. :) Much appreciated, thanks!

- SImon